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House with sold signHere's a calculator that will estimate the net proceeds to Pennsylvania home sellers. Simply enter the sales price into the "What is the selling price?" box and click outside the box to "lock in" the value. From there, simply go down the left column and enter accurate selling costs (if you know them) or just use the suggested closing costs to get an idea what the home sale will cost you. If the net proceeds are too low, simply enter the ideal "net" into the Net To Seller (B) box below, and all the entries will be revised to achieve the desired seller's net. You can print either column A or B by ticking the button for column A or B. Click on PRINT SCREEN then click the Print button for a professional estimate for the seller. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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  What is the selling price?  
  Net To Seller        
  Which column to print?          
1. Broker Services  
2. Deed Preparation  
3. Deed Transfer Tax*  
5. Document Preparation  
6. Home Warranty  
7. Miscellaneous (from below)  
8. Mortgage Payoff (from below)  
9. Notary Fee  
10. Realtor Commission Percentage    
11. Realtor Commission - Flat commission*    
12. Seller Cost Contribution Percentage    
13. Seller Cost Contribution - Flat dollar*      
14. Overnight Payoff  
15. Settlement Fee  
16. Tax Certifications (Lien Letter)  
17. Occupancy Permit  
18. 1st Mortgage  
19. 2nd Mortgage  
20. Other Liens  
The figures presented by this calculator are intended to provide you with a general illustration of typical closing costs for a residential home sale in Pennsylvania. These figures are subject to change at any time and should be regarded as estimates only.

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