Mortgage Payment Comparison Calculator

Mortgage rate comparisonDiscover the best mortgage rates with our loan comparison calculator. Whether you're looking for a home loan or considering refinancing, our calculator can help you compare different mortgage options.

Calculate your monthly mortgage payments, analyze amortization schedules, and explore various fixed-rate options. By comparing mortgages, you can find the most suitable option to save on interest costs.

Remember, your credit score is crucial in determining your mortgage rate. Calculate your principal and interest payments today and see how refinancing to a lower interest rate can benefit you.

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Do interest rates matter? Less than you think. Enter the lower interest rate along with the mortgage amount and term in PAYMENT OPTION 1, and the higher interest rate mortgage amount and term in PAYMENT OPTION 2. Click on Compare Payments  
1. Principal & Interest - Fully amortizing payment ( i.e. principal & interest)  
2. Bi-Weekly - 1/2 of the fully amortizing monthly payment paid every two weeks  
3. Interest Only - Interest only payment - no principal reduction  

How a Mortgage Payment Calculator Works

A mortgage calculator requires you to input key loan details:

  • Home purchase price
  • Down payment amount
  • Mortgage loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Loan repayment term

Based on these inputs, it estimates your monthly payment, consisting of:

  • Principal repayment
  • Interest charges
  • Property taxes
  • Homeowners Insurance

The calculator runs the calculations to determine the total monthly payment for each unique loan scenario you compare.

Why Use a Mortgage Payment Calculator?

There are many reasons why a mortgage calculator is so helpful:

  • It estimates your principal, interest, taxes, and insurance.
  • It allows you to adjust variables like rate, term, and down payment.
  • Shows how different loans and down payments affect monthly costs.
  • It helps determine your affordable loan amount based on your income.
  • Calculates total mortgage costs over the loan's life.
  • Illustrates the impact of extra principal payments.

Having payment estimates empowers you to make smarter borrowing decisions.

Key Inputs for an Accurate Comparison

For the mortgage calculator to provide helpful comparisons, provide accurate inputs:

Home Price: Use the actual purchase price or estimated budget range.

Down Payment: Input either a percentage or dollar amount.

Loan Term: 15-year, 30-year, or other tenure

Interest Rate: Get quotes from lenders on current rates.

Loan Type: Conventional, FHA, VA, Adjustable, etc.

Location: Use reliable sources for property tax and insurance estimates.

Minor tweaks to these inputs show their impact on mortgage affordability.

Comparing 15 vs. 30-Year Loan Terms

One critical comparison to understand is the monthly costs of 15-year versus 30-year mortgages:

15-year mortgage: higher monthly payment but building equity faster and paying less interest
30-year mortgage: lower monthly payment but pay total interest over the life of the loan

The calculator demonstrates the different impacts of loan repayment terms.

How Much Down Payment to Make

Using a mortgage calculator shows how different down payment amounts affect your payment:

  • 20% down: Avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI).
  • 10% down: reduces monthly costs but must pay PMI
  • 5% down: This increases the loan amount borrowed compared to a larger down payment.

Experiment to optimize your down payment based on savings, rates, and monthly budget.

Strategies to Reduce Monthly Payments

If the mortgage payment is too high, you can:

  • Make a larger down payment to reduce the loan amount.
  • Choose a lower-priced home to decrease the mortgage needed.
  • Get quotes from multiple lenders to find the lowest rates.
  • Buy down the interest rate by paying discount points upfront.
  • Extend the loan term from 15 to 30 years.

The calculator lets you quickly model the impact of different strategies to create affordability.


In conclusion, the mortgage payment comparison calculator provides a valuable tool for potential homebuyers to assess and compare different mortgage options.

By inputting various loan terms and interest rates, users are able to see a clear breakdown of their potential monthly payments and total costs over the life of the loan. This allows individuals to make informed decisions about which mortgage option best fits their financial situation and goals.

Ultimately, utilizing this calculator can help borrowers save money by choosing the most advantageous mortgage option available to them.

For those in the process of purchasing a home, it is highly recommended to use a mortgage payment comparison calculator to ensure they are making the most financially sound decision possible.