USDA Loan Calculator for PA

Happy couple after purchasing a house with a USDA loanThe United States Department of Agriculture offers a mortgage with no down payment through the USDA Loan program. Homebuyers in Pennsylvania who wish to purchase a home in an approved area may do so using the USDA program.

The FHA Loan and the USDA Loan are quite similar. Mortgage insurance that is paid in advance and every month is less costly. The home seller may partially cover the buyer's closing costs. The USDA Loan Calculator will determine the USDA Loan's loan amount and monthly payment.

  Sales Price    
  Down Payment  
  Loan Amount    
  Base Loan Amount  
  USDA Guarantee Fee  
  Total Loan Amount  
  Down Payment    
  Closing Costs    
  Escrow & Prepaid Costs    
  Total purchase cost    
  Earnest Money Deposit    
  Seller Assistance  
  Cash required at settlement    
  USDA Monthly Payment Calculator  
  Interest rate  
  Annual Hm Insurance  
  Annual Real Estate Taxes  
  Annual Fee (monthly)    
  Condo | Association Fee    

What is a USDA Home-loan?

The USDA loan, commonly known as the USDA Rural Housing Loan Program, is a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for low to moderate-income first-time homeowners.

The property must be in a USDA-approved Pennsylvania region. A down payment is not required for the USDA mortgage loan (100 percent financing plus the guarantee fee). The USDA loan is a zero-down payment mortgage program.

Special Financing From the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA)

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency offers below-market interest rates to first-time and non-first-time homebuyers who use a USDA Loan to acquire a house. PHFA also provides a loan for down payment/closing costs.

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