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Cumberland County, PA - First Time Home Buyer Program

Nice house with sold signThe Cumberland County First Time Home Buyer's down payment and closing cost assistance program provides eligible home buyers with up to $3,000 in assistance to purchase homes in Cumberland County.

Applicants gross household income must be between 80% and 100% of the County’s median income. Home buyers whose household income is less than 80% Cumberland County’s median income may be eligible for $5,000 in assistance.

The Cumberland County's' first time home buyer's program will match the participants’ savings 3 to 1. For every $1 of savings the buyer uses to purchase their house, the County will provide $3 or $5 in grant assistance; up to the program limits.

This assistance grant is structured as a five year forgivable loan. The assistance can be used toward the down payment and/or settlement costs. The home buyer is not required to make a monthly payment on this loan, and no interest is charged on the assistance grant. 1/60th of the loan amount is forgiven each month. The entire award is forgiven after five years of home ownership.

Buyers must not contribute more than $15,000 to the purchase of the home and many not have assets greater than $30,000 excluding IRAs, 401(k)s and similar retirement accounts.

Do I qualify for this program?

  1. The mortgage lender must provide the Applicant with a pre-approval letter with the grant application.
  2. The home buyer may not contribute more than $15,000 to the purchase of the home. This $15,000 cap includes gift funds, seller assistance and lender assistance. After settlement, the buyer may not have assets greater than $30,000 excluding IRAs, 401(k)s and similar retirement accounts.
  3. Satisfactory evidence of the funds to be matched from the participants’ own funds must be provided by the applicant.
  4. Home buyers must meet the household income limits for Cumberland County (See below).
  5. First time home buyers are only permitted in this program. Cumberland County defines first time home buyers as people who have never owned a home, or have owned a manufactured home but not the land the manufactured home was positioned on, or an individual who has forfeited their home a result of a divorce agreement and has not owned a home since (displaced homemaker); or someone that has not owned a home during the last three years.

Income limits (2020)

Household Size80% of median income100% of median income
1$47,600 $58,950
2$54,400 $67,390
3$61,200 $75,810
4$68,000 $84,225
5$73,450 $90,615
6$78,900 $97,725
7$84,350 $104,475
8$89,800 $111,225

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